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You have a zillion pics of your fur baby on your camera phone . . .

And yes, you have a few really good ones but most are blurry, poorly lit or have "red eye" syndrome. You need photographs of your little superstar that not only look good, but capture his true spirit and personality. You've seen those posed studio pet photos, but it's just not your style. That's where I can help. Without props, special lighting equipment or costumes, I capture authentic, soulful portraits using natural light. I shoot at your home or favorite outdoor location, where your pet will be more relaxed, more "himself". Whether it's a framed print, canvas or photo album, I create images of your favorite four legged family member that last a human lifetime.


• I'm "mom" to two rescue cats, Sadie and Milkshake 

• I'm also a musician and educator

I specialize in felines, but also enjoy photographing dogs and other animal companions

My childhood pets included a black lab, a beagle, a chihuahua, two mutts, a border collie, gerbils, two conures, one cockatoo, fish and countless cats 

Mostly self taught, I learned the basics of photography back in my "darkroom" high school days

I donate photography and musical services to Chicago area animal shelters

• And my name is Ingrid!


Tails Pet Magazine

Pet Guard

International Society of Feline Medicine


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